Weekly Forecast (3-9 of April, 2017)

Every Sunday I hope to bring you a little sneak peak into the different energies and opportunities to be mindful of in the week ahead. I have read Tarot for myself for many years but can count on one hand the number of readings I have done for others, so I also thought these weekly readings would be a great way for me to practice addressing a ‘you’ rather than ‘me’ or ‘I’ and encourage me to seek broader applications of the cards rather than just what personally resonates. To start off this series I thought it would be nice to use the lovely and gentle Crystal Visions Tarot.


From left to right:

  1. Theme of this week
  2. A challenge or opportunity
  3. Advice

Summary: This week is presenting you with an opportunity to explore the things that fulfil you on a deep emotional level. What you desire may be hidden beyond the horizon or well within your grasp, but before you drop everything and rush forwards, take a minute to evaluate your motivations. Picture in your mind’s eye what attainment of this thing would look like, do you see the best version of yourself in this projection? Whatever it is you are striving for, give yourself time to examine your impulses and any sacrifices that will have to be made; if it is meant to be, it will still be right there waiting for you.

1. As a theme for this week, the Knight of Wands represents excitement and passionate endeavour. This energy could come in the form of someone with an infectious enthusiasm who fires you up and motivates you, or it could be you yourself who is energised with confidence and an ignited sense of purpose and drive.

2. The Lovers suggests a wonderful potential for some sense of completeness, that there is something out there that you desire with all of your heart and will strive to reach. The challenge here is in understanding the decisions and even sacrifices that will have to be made on this quest for attainment. Ask yourself honestly, is what you want worth the chase? If you are in a romantic relationship, the challenge of the Lovers could be the feeling that your relationship is holding you back from pursuing your dreams, that the responsibilities of “me and her/him” feels like it is weighing you down rather than lifting you up and propelling you forward.

3. While it may be tempting to dash off in pursuit of your desire with all the gusto of the Knight of Wands, the Four of Swords utters a few words of caution: take some time to recharge your batteries and reflect upon your goals before you begin. Do not destroy your chances, or what you already have, with hasty decisions and impulsive behaviour. Instead, take a step back and think objectively for a moment – make some sort of plan before you take the next step on this path.


Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso, published by US Games Systems, INC


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