New Moon, New Spread: The Four-Fold Goddess

Yep, you read that right, the four-fold goddess. In the past month I stumbled upon a couple of interesting articles (here and here, which I highly recommend reading) taking a critical look at the tripartite model of womanhood as represented by the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Associated so closely with nature, it certainly seems to make more sense to create a broader representation that aligns with the four seasons and four principal lunar phases. Newly proposed is the addition of an Autumnal, last-quarter stage of womanhood, the time between Mother and Crone, a stage aptly titled ‘Queen’. A number of physical changes occur during midlife with the onset of menopause, and this can often be one of the most powerful and transformative stages of a woman’s life, she is mature and independent, so lets not leave her out!

In lieu of this more inclusive model, I decided to create a new lunar spread to explore these aspects that we all carry within ourselves. Furthermore, to better reflect the reality that not all women do, can or wish to become mothers, but still contain an incredible creative force, I have renamed the Mother, ‘Creatrix’.

In one of the posts linked above the author adds an additional 5th category, ‘Warrior’, however I see this aspect as already incorporated into all of the stages. Mythologically and throughout history we’ve had fierce warrior maidens, mothers, queens and crones, such as Joan of Arc, Kali, Boudicca and Badb, respectively, to name but a few. But of course, if it resonates, add it!

new spread

  1. You, the Maiden – a lesson you need to learn.
  2. You, the Creatrix – what you can do to realise your creative potential.
  3. You, the Queen – an area in which you need to assert yourself.
  4. You, the Crone – a message from your inner-knowing.

This spread is intended to tap into psychological and spiritual archetypes, which are represented to me as follows: the Maiden represents all of our untapped or ‘virgin’ potential, our hopes, dreams and aspirations, she is innocent and hopeful, but also naive and unfocused. The Creatrix represents all of our powers to manifest a creative vision and nurture it to maturity. The Queen is our sense of autonomy and discernment, she represents the confidence to assert oneself that comes from self-reliance and self-knowledge. Finally, the Crone represents our inner and ancestral wisdom, life experience and our capacity for tolerance and peaceful acceptance. She understands both the darkest and lightest aspects of our souls, and she knows what to keep for wisdom and what to release for a sound mind.

I hope you like it! If anyone decides to try it out, please feel free to share your reading in the comments, I’d love to hear how it goes!



8 thoughts on “New Moon, New Spread: The Four-Fold Goddess

  1. In love with this spread … “Furthermore, to better reflect the reality that not all women do, can or wish to become mothers, but still contain an incredible creative force, I have renamed the Mother, ‘Creatrix’.” This bit naturally resonates with me at the moment especially.
    I’ve done a lot of reading stuff already today however I will be doing this tomorrow – so I will share with you when I do ❤

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    1. I’m so pleased you like it 🙂 I find a lot of the spiritual representations of women and goddesses limiting and restrictive with their emphasis on just one form of women’s immense capacity for creativity. I’m looking forward to hearing about your reading!

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      1. I agree completely – as much as I love this part of us where my own fertility hasn’t been cooperating it’s nice to see this opened up – as you say there are so many aspects to us also. Planning to do it at lunch time as a lunch treat to myself 🙂 will post this evening

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      2. So a very strange outcome indeed – the cards were well shuffled too lol … I’m still on the newer side of reading so I’m a little stumped by courts at times whether to go with them as an influence or person. Person doesn’t often resonate. Either way here’s mine:

        1: Knight of wands (son in my deck – I used the wild unknown)
        2: Ace of wands
        3: 10 of cups
        4: Kind in Cups (father)

        Happy to hear your insight in you fancy … think I may post this one to hear from others too.

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        1. I almost always see the courts as some aspect/characteristics I am either over or under-utilising. It has to really fit for me to see them as other people 🙂

          I find it easier to read if I can really look at the cards and luckily I have the wild unknown (such a stunning deck)! Anyway, I pulled out your cards to take a look and the messages seem to really focus on optimism and joy.

          To me, the Son is all about fearlessness and confidence, about going after what you want with gusto. As something to learn I see this as about having faith in your ability to achieve what you want. The ace is raw potential and a perfect fit with the creatrix, all the creative power that you will ever need is within you. It talks about new opportunities, revelations and self-belief. The 10 of cups is a wonderful card that shows the joy of emotional fulfilment, as something to assert it could mean that it is time to do something love-affirming, like organising a fun day in or out with your nearest and dearest. Finally I always think of the King of Cups as the healer of the deck, he is loving and nurturing of others, and they in turn feel calm, safe and comforted in his presence; as a message from the crone it could be saying to never underestimate how much this aspect of you means to those around you.

          I hope that was of some help!

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          1. Wow this really helped. I am happy to say I wasn’t too far off track but I really have found it useful how you have pulled it all together and made it link to the questions for each section. Very helpful indeed. I will be making notes from this for the journal. Thank you 💖

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            1. You’re welcome! It can be a bit daunting when starting out with tarot, always second guessing interpretations. One of the most important things I realised was that if you are feeling a message from the cards, go with it, even if it doesn’t exactly fit with traditional meanings 🙂 What’s important is what the card says to you on your level, not what the guidebook says ❤

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