Free Weekly Reading: A Message for April 24 – 30, 2017

Summary: If you’ve been feeling untethered or disconnected, this week asks you to cleanse and sanctify the spaces and significant objects around you. Seek beauty in your environment and renew your appreciation of all the items and places that offer you joy and a sense of security. You’ll be surprised at how much tending to your surroundings will replenish your own sense of tranquility and contentment. 

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It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate without even noticing, one minute we’re moving into a new place and the next it is filled to the brim, and still, like the deteriorating Luxury of the Four of Cups, it can seem like we do not have enough, or what we have is not quite right or sufficiently ‘shiny’.

There are often objects, knick-knacks and adornments that we love at first sight and ‘need’ to have, all too soon however these items can fade into the background and become meaningless, just a shadow of that thing that used to glow with beauty in our minds and fill us with joy when we looked at it.

Is there a painting, poster, vase or some sort of ornament you eagerly brought home but haven’t really looked at for a while? This week asks you to gaze at it, remember what it is you first loved about it. Take time to clean it and refresh your relationship with it .

Are there any spaces at home where you seek refuge when everything has gotten to be too much? A place where you find the comfort, safety and healing offered by the Knight of Cups? If there is a favourite room or spot in your home, wash it, open up the windows and let some fresh air in, adorn it with a fresh bouquet of flowers, wipe the leaves of that neglected potted plant in the corner or burn a scented candle. Sit for a while enjoying a cup of your favourite beverage, drink deep, breathe in the room’s fresh smell and listen to its sounds. Don’t just meditate in that space, meditate with it. Submerge yourself in the feelings of safety and harmony it brings you.

If you have an altar for spiritual practice, evaluate the things you keep there, does everything speak to you in the same way it did? Does it need to be revitalised a bit with a new altar cloth, another scent of incense or some different crystals perhaps? Make an offering to that scared space, charge it anew in your mind, make it pure and buzzing with freshness again.

At its heart, this week isn’t about honouring materialistic accumulation, it is about understanding the power of totems and anchors. In times of stress it can be hard to find our inner space of tranquillity, we can feel like we are grasping at nothingness or desperately searching our hectic minds for that hidden point of calm. By projecting or imbuing the qualities of tranquillity onto tangible objects or spaces, we can more easily recall and access the feelings of harmony we associate with it. If you are faced with difficulties, upsets or anxieties this week, picture that newly re-energised sacred object or space in your mind’s eye, allow the perfect calm of it to wash over and through you. Use the energy of the Empress to honour and nourish the harmony and simple of beauty of the tangible things around you, by doing so you will have also honoured those qualities within yourself.


Thoth Tarot, published by AGM Müller/Urania 


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