Shiny New Toys!

It’s been ages since I last posted and I’m missing it so much! The past 2 weeks have seen an influx of family visitors and unfortunately a nasty stomach bug that I can’t seem to shake, so my poor little blog has been quite neglected.

Anyway, with the arrival of my mum comes the stash of wonderful decks and other goodies I’ve been purchasing for the past year; and all hail her packing skills, she managed to get everything, including the behemoth of a book, the Holistic Tarot, in her suitcase without going over the airline’s weight limit.


It’s strange, the three tarot decks I bought have been in my periphery for a long time and I was really not all that drawn to them… until I suddenly was. With the Ceccoli tarot it was watching this video on YouTube that opened my eyes to the amazing depth (and confronting nature) of the deck. With The Tarot of Vampyres, I had heard so many amazing things about the accompanying book Phantasmagoria that I finally gave in, and so far it has not disappointed. With Dame Darcy it was a similar feeling to that I had with the Steampunk Tarot previously, seeing pictures of the individual cards didn’t really do anything for me, but when I saw full walkthroughs of the decks and 3 card+ spreads that pulled the images together and demonstrated their coherency, they suddenly looked a whole lot cooler.


I can’t wait to get stuck in, and while my days are still pretty packed, I’m hoping to squeeze in a few deck interviews and first impressions over the coming couple of weeks, so watch this space!


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