Free Weekly Reading: A message for 12 – 18 June, 2017

Hello all! I’m so sorry I didn’t post a reading last week, with family arriving and suffering a nasty tummy bug my energy was completely depleted. I gave it a crack and pulled some cards and…nothing. Couldn’t make heads or tails of the message, so I took a much needed nap with my youngest instead.

Anyway, here I am all refreshed and with a sparkly new deck, ready to inject some oomph into this week! It may not be the oomph you’re hoping for, but it’s a bit of a kick up the bum nonetheless. Joining us in this reading are the positive vibes of my beautiful new yak bone mala, which is charged to the hilt with lunar energy, and some reinforcing ocean power in the form of a gorgeous abalone shell a friend gave me following her trip to New Zealand, which is such a perfect fit with our lady of the sea, Dame Darcy and her fabulous mermaids’ tarot.

Because this deck is new and I’m still learning my way around it, I decided to use positional meanings to give my intuition a leg-up with this unfamiliar imagery. Reading left to right: 1. Situation this week; 2. Challenge; 3. Advice; and 4. An energy that can help you.

dame darcy week message

Summary: The three keywords for best working with this week’s energies are planning, productivity and pragmatism. If you feel yourself heading towards a burnout, it is high time to address the things that have been building up and draw a line under them. Now isn’t the time to play the fool and shirk your responsibilities – avoiding them will feel good for a while, but when you inevitably return, the pile will look even more daunting. So get your ‘adulting’ hat on, get yourself organised, write a to-do list and tackle everything one thing at a time until you’re though. If you are able, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others – competency and completion are key here, not martyrdom.

In the Ten of Wands we see a situation of being overladen with responsibilities. Our mermaid carries a heavy load and her posture is slumped, with eyes downcast as she rests a hand on her head, possibly trying to ease the pain of a stress headache. There is too much to do and all of that weight is on her shoulders alone.

Often one of the best things we can do in times where we feel we are faced with insurmountable burdens is to take a restorative break, forget the pile-up of work and responsibilities and gain a fresh perspective so that we can tackle our tasks refreshed, this week….not so much.

In the challenge position the Fool suggests that the temptation for escape will be strong this week, and while it is important to get enough sleep, take breaks and ensure you’re eating enough, this isn’t the time to hit the pause button on reality, nor is it time to start anything fresh and exciting in the hopes that all of your more cumbersome responsibilities will spontaneously melt away in the glow of your enthusiasm for something else entirely.

The Eight of Pentacles in advice is telling you that it is time to put your nose to the grindstone and apply yourself to any work, projects or tasks you currently have on the go. Take a moment to examine the things that you’ve been avoiding or left on the back-burner and build a decisive plan of attack. The point here isn’t to work fast, but to work smart, so don’t just haphazardly throw yourself into multiple tasks hoping that something will get done in frenzied desperation. Be methodical, organise your environment so you have everything you will need to hand, be awake and be present. No matter how menial, try and try pride in your work and pay attention to detail, things will only take longer if you zombie-out of your work.

If this sounds boring or simply not how you operate, don’t fret, the Queen of Swords is here to bestow some much needed pragmatism to help you organise, prioritise and delegate. She’s a hard task master and doesn’t have time for any whining or procrastination, but the good news is she is a master at getting sh*t done and done well, and more than likely would love nothing more than to sit with you over a couple of shots of vodka and a good laugh after everything is done. 



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