Ecclectic Birthday Reading

Today is my birthday, the big 33 – old and uncool to a teenager and a child to a crone – so I decided to pull a rather random mix of cards for some reflection time and guidance.

First, I went to the Ceccoli tarot for a simple three card draw.

ceccoli birthday

What lesson/s have I learned in the past year?

The Moon – I have learned that there is a whole other universe of energy, mystery, meaning, truth and power both within myself and in the universe. All is not as it seems and I have been sleepwalking for far too long.

How can I put what I have learned into practice?

Page of Pentacles – I live too much in the airy realms of thought, and have detached myself from the cycles of nature and my own intuition. I need to  focus on grounding myself in my body, grow my connections to the earth and remember to wonder as much as I can at the beauty and infinite possibilities of life’s mysteries.

A new energy coming into my life.

The Emperor – There is a Buddhist quote, “You are what you think”, that reminds me I can reinvent myself at any time, I just need to alter my perceptions and take responsibility for shaping my own future to lead a more fulfilled and authentic life.

Next I asked the Tao oracle for a personal theme for my year ahead.

tao birthday

Tao Oracle card: Discipline – Earth over Water

This card says it all and is so spot on. I need to be more productive with the free time I have. It is so easy for me to fanny about on the net for hours after the kids have gone to sleep, researching all of the wonderful books and traditions out there, looking into different meditation techniques, exploring different crystals and talismans…the next thing I know, it’s 1am and I haven’t read a single page of the wonderful books I already have or done any actual meditation. I need to discipline myself to work through all of the information, books, decks etc I am accumulating at a steady pace that enriches me rather than always chasing after the next thing, and the next thing, that spark my interests. I have a tendency towards “jack of all trades, master of none” and I don’t always want to be like that, so now is the time to ease up on all the exploring (as fun as it is) and get down to the work of more in depth learning with what is in front of me.

To-do lists really do help me to get things done, so in lieu of this excellent advice for discipline, here is what I will strive to achieve and learn in the coming twelve months:

  • Start up my business again on a part-time basis, I do screenprinting and designing and I would love to get drawing again, even if just one or two new designs.
  • work closely with lunar cycles and start crafting my own healing spells
  • broaden my rune knowledge by learning the Anglo-Saxon and Younger Futhark systems
  • learn more about druidic tree lore
  • work more with bones
  • start learning Lenormand
  • deepen my knowledge of the Buddha Dharma and meditate at least once a week
  • increase my knowledge of and work with the bodhisattvas, particularly Guan Shi Yin, Green Tara and Medicine Buddha, and practice their mantras daily.
  • continue learning about and exploring my relationship to animal spirits and my ancestors.
  • learn more about the chakras
  • explore my beliefs and understanding of Source, divinity and the cycles of life and death.

So….not much to do then.

Next I asked the Wild Unknown oracle for an animal spirit that can help guide and assist me this year. My fingertips felt drawn to a specific card and as I was digging it out another one fell out, so I decided to read both.

animal spirit birthday


Bear spirit speaks of awakening and new beginnings. I certainly feel that I am on an entirely new path so I welcome the brave and fierce energy of Bear on this journey. I feel her as being maternal and protective, but she’ll growl at me if I try and turn back!

Unicorn represents the Ajna chakra and will help guide me as I open my perceptions and intuition to abilities and sensitivities I have repressed for a long time. Old sensitivities will be awakened and I need a gentle spirit with me along the way.


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