Royal Advice from Dame Darcy’s Mermaids

I got a bit carried away with Dame Darcy. Seriously, it’s kind of an addictive deck, so I decided to do another quick reading with it.

The Tao card I drew on my birthday (you can see the post here) for this upcoming year is ‘Discipline’, and I wrote up a little to-do list of things I want to learn and achieve in the coming 12 months. At the top of that list is re-starting my business. As this deck has identified itself as pretty sensible and sharp, I decided to try out one of Barbara Moore’s spreads from my new copy of her Tarot Spreads book, called the Royal Advice Spread, using just the courts. It’s pretty snappy and straightforward and will hopefully give me a nudge in the right direction about where to hone my focus and the energies I need to channel to start working my way through my list.

The courts are divided into four piles of Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages, with one card drawn from each.

damedarcy royal advice

Page: Something new you should start learning

Page of Cups – I can’t remember the exact moment I stopped thinking of myself as an artist. I used to write a lot of poetry, draw and make sculptures, and it was easy for me to find inspiration anywhere. Channeling it into creation was as natural as breathing to me, then it just sort of shifted, and all of that emotional power and creativity got transferred elsewhere as I became increasingly interested in anthropology, sociology and social justice issues. I’ve been feeling the pull to draw again and re-open my screen printing business, but I haven’t got a single idea for a new design. My power for finding my inspiration and new ideas seems stuck somewhere. I see this Page as telling me I need to learn how to find that well of inspiration and rediscover how to draw from it again.

Knight: Something you should do pretty quickly

Knight of Pentacles – If any court card has discipline, it’s this one. Dogged and determined, so in regards to my goals this one is pretty straightforward and very literal…get to work and maintain momentum!

Queen: Something you need to nurture and take care of

Queen of Wands – I need to nurture my confidence (and sass). Finding artistic inspiration doesn’t come naturally to me anymore and I know the moment I pick up a pencil is going to be a bit of a disappointment. I am so out of practice and I will have to re-learn old skills and techniques and learn some new ones. I can already feel the frustration of not being able to draw like I used to, the anger at my fingers for not remembering. I need to have faith in myself that I can do it again, that all is not lost, I just need to stick with it in full confidence that I can not only draw like I used to, but be even better; and most importantly, remember to have fun with it!

King: Something to master or take control of

King of Wands – Restarting my business, even on a part time basis, is going to take a lot more than drawing again. I have to get into the right mind-frame to take the initiative and start getting back out there promoting the work. I have a tendency (like a lot of people, especially women) to under-sell myself, wary of sounding too pushy or arrogant, and the message I’m hearing from this King is go bold, or go home. More generally, I need to take charge of my creativity, my process and my time so I can start feeling and being productive again.


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