Four of Cups – The Genius of Dissatisfaction

Look up any keywords for the Four of Cups and you will probably find some variation or combination of apathy, dissatisfaction, taking things for granted, disenchantment, discontent, boredom or detachment. When this card shows up in a tarot spread in a do- more-of-this, advice type of position it can give a moment of pause, where are the positives in these things?


While these rather negative sounding keywords certainly can apply, I also think this card can bring a very positive and empowering message. While apathy and boredom are passive and inactive, dissatisfaction, discontent and disenchantment can be incredibly active and powerful forces. Being dissatisfied with the status quo can be the driving force to make something better. Not accepting the first thing on offer is the stuff that daring art movements, cultural revolutions, social change and genius inventions are made of.

It’s the ‘No thanks, I don’t think I’ll paint a nude or a landscape, I’m gonna try splashing layers and layers of paint onto a canvas for a while’, it’s refusing to take established wisdom at face value and instead seeking out your own, it is detaching from social environments to find your own truth and build a bold vision of something else entirely.

While we should always strive to see the blessings in our lives, it’s okay to be dissatisfied, in fact it’s great to be dissatisfied if you can channel it into driving positive change.










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