Waxing Moon Morrígan Spread & Free Reading

The waxing gibbous moon is all about building upon the energies planted during the dark moon period. With the full moon approaching, feelings of wondrous potential are becoming palpable. It is a time to make the final preparations and maintain stamina in order to realise all of the power offered by the illumination of the full moon.

I’ve been feeling drawn to the Morrígan recently and she started pecking at me to make a new spread, so I thought what better way to prepare for Sunday’s full moon than to inject some of her battle wisdom into the coming week!

morrigan spread

1. Strategy: how you can prepare for the full moon

2. Allies: the people, energies or attitudes that can assist you

3. Weapons: the talents, skills and drive you have at your disposal

4. Lose the Battle to Win the War: something to release for bigger-picture success

5. Valour: something to honour and protect

6. Glory: a power that will be fully available to you at the full moon

In case anyone doesn’t have time or wants to see the spread in action before giving it a go, I’ve also provided a free reading below, courtesy of The Tarot of Vamypres and a little selenite stick for an extra lunar-power boost. The Morrígan doesn’t do small potatoes so I used Majors only for this spread.

morrigan reading

Strategy: The Devil – It’s time to get a little primal. Prepare for the full moon by grounding fully in your body and enjoying sensual pleasures. Eat, drink, make love, dance and savour every luscious moment.

Allies: The High Priestess – Your closest ally at this moment is your intuition, so pay special attention to any messages your priestess is trying to send you through your gut, guides or perceptible synchronicities. Make contact with your spirits or higher self through meditation, channeling or divination.

Weapons: The Tower – Your special weapon is fearlessness. Wield it with courage and you will be able to tear down all of the crap that binds and restricts you. Raze those bad habits, negative thoughts and unhealthy relationships to the ground.

Lose the battle to win the war: The Star – Now is not the time for starry-eyed dreams and indulging in fantasy. Work and work passionately with what you already have. Plunge your hands into the earth, take a deep breath of fresh air, submerge yourself in water and light a match – all the elements you need are already at your disposal.

Valour: The Hierophant – protect and honour the traditions and beliefs that are sacred to you. Don’t let nay-sayers and skeptics move you to doubt or feel ashamed of your spiritual path. Build a fortress for your beautiful soul and do not let those that would trash it past the ramparts.

Glory: The Lovers – The power that will be yours to harness under the light of the full moon is enlightened discernment. It will separate the wheat from the chaff and reveal the fripperies and false promises that distract you from making the choices that make your heart sing.


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