July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 1-4)

Over at the 3 of Cups Tarot Community on Facebook, we just started a new month-long challenge to bond with decks that are either new to us, or ones we face blockages reading with. As I only recently received the Faerie Enchantments deck (which can be purchased here) and still feel a bit out of my depth with oracles, I thought this would be the perfect way to do a little getting to know you and start building a relationship with it.
I’ve included the phonetic pronunciations of the names (courtesy of a lovely woman over on the Faerie Enchantments Facebook group). I’m familiar with some Irish and Welsh names, but many are still a mystery, so these are invaluable to me! Each card relates to either one Major Arcana card or to 3 Minor Arcana cards, according to astrological modalities and elemental correspondences  (eg. cardinal fire: 2,3,4 of wands). I’ve included the correspondences, although I’m not going to stick faithfully to traditional tarot interpretations.

first4-fronts faerie

Day 1 – Your deck introduces itself: Dylan [Da-lan] – This deck is a guide and teacher, a bit dark and otherworldly and maybe a bit misunderstood. I see sorrow here also in the acknowledgment of impermanence, and a sympathy to the pain that comes with release and surrender to the unknown. (Death)

Day 2: What your deck needs from you: Siona [pronounced Shee-en-ah]– To go deep with this deck I need to suspend any disbelief, go beyond consciousness and beyond normal. I get the feeling that I need to gaze at these images and let my mind wander to strange places… maybe try some path working with them. (The Moon)

Day 3: What kind of reading it prefers: Gwion [Gwee-un] – in the offering of water from a radiant young boy I see that this deck prefers readings that focus on providing healing, knowledge and spiritual nourishment. (The Sun)

Day 4: Greatest strength of the deck: Kernunnos [Ker-nu-noss]  – This response feels so simple and self-explanatory in its message: The greatest strength of this deck is the magic contained within. (The Magician)

It’s interesting that all of the cards drawn correspond to the Major Arcana – an extra push for me to sit up and pay close attention!

first4 faerie


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