July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (days 9-12)

Day 9 – Your favourite card: I ended up selecting two cards for this day because I love them both so much, and what’s the point of having your own blog if you can’t bend the rules a bit?

faerie enchantments

First up, Tailtiu [Tal-tee-oo] – This was the card for me. When I was looking through the gallery of this deck on Ian Daniels’ site it was this card that took me from ‘ooh this is a very pretty deck’ to ‘I have to have it’, swiftly followed by a click on the pre-order purchase button. There’s a strange and beautiful remoteness and otherness to this woman, and while this deck is focused on Irish and Welsh mythology, she instantly made me think of the Norse goddess Freyja in both her sorceress/seiðkona aspect, and her Valfrejya (chooser of half the battle-slain) role, whisking the dead warriors off to her hall in the fields of Fólkvangr. Much like Freyja, the namesake of this card, the goddess Tailtiu, was also associated with agriculture and community abundance. According to Daniels this card corresponds to 2,3 & 4 Wands.

And Brighid, *sigh* this is such a breathtakingly beautiful image, I wish my crappy phone camera could do it justice. The whites of her fur, wings and the flowers in her hair actually glimmer with light and the subtle red ascents of the jewels on her arm rings, necklace and crown are simply perfect. I could stare at both these image for hours.

Day 10 – Your least favourite card: Avallach [Ah-val-ack] I don’t have a strong dislike for this card, it just doesn’t really speak to me and seems to lack the polished beauty of the other cards in the deck. The landscape of grassy hills and waterfalls are lovely, but I see something off in the proportions of the figure’s head on the left, it looks too small to me and visually bugs me a bit.

Day 11 – The deck’s favourite card: Avallach – Hahaha, well. The deck and I seem to have had our first disagreement with its favourite card being my least! Perhaps it is the spirit of the card that it favours above others? Corresponding to The World card in tarot, its meaning certainly has everything going for it in terms of feelings of completeness, completion and attainment.

Day 12 – The deck’s least favourite card: Arianrhod [Ar-ee-an-rod] – Another interesting draw, this card also appeared in response of day 5’s question regarding the greatest weakness of the deck. So is it self-aware and disliking of its weakness? Well that’s a bit of ‘woo’ to consider 😉

faerie enchanments 2


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