Animal Spirit: Free Week Ahead Reading 12-18 August, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted a free reading, and while I unfortunately don’t have the time to start doing them again on a regular basis I’ve really missed them! I got the itch this week to dip my toe back into the Animal Spirit deck which has been sitting somewhat neglected, and thought a week ahead reading would be a great way to have a little explore with it.

I’ve decided to try something a bit different from my usual 3 card freestyle reading and instead focus on elemental energies.

animal spirit week ahead elements

So, how does it work? However you want it to really! You can pick the element that corresponds to your astrological sign or whichever you are most drawn to. Alternatively, you can choose the card that corresponds to the element that you feel best represents your primary concerns for the moment: choose Earth for situations regarding your material realms like work, home or family; choose Air for situations involving your current state of mind, mental processes or any conflicts you may be experiencing (either internal or interpersonal); choose Fire to take a look at some of the energies affecting your passion projects, creativity, enthusiasm and drive, or Water for some insight into your relationships, emotions or spiritual climate.

To aid my intuition and to help get me into an animal spirit guide frame of mind I sought the assistance of blue kyanite and a wild dog skull I foraged. I have been unsure for a long time about using the skull as a ‘prop’, but she seemed to want to come out and play with the cards for a bit, and I found that her tangibility helped me to hone in on the messages I was seeing.

animal spirit fronts

Earth – Your animal spirit message for this week comes from Octopus and she’s asking you to take a look at your schedule and around your environment to see if there are any areas where you have become too rigid and set in your ways. Stability is one thing, but focusing too much on maintaining a uniform structure and organising down to the minutiae can really suck all of the fun out of life. The keyword for you this week is flexibility. Have a feel around, where can you make room for more flexibility and exploration?

Air – Your animal spirit message comes from Shark – and a Great White one at that – and is all about awakening your tenacity. These creatures are apex predators, at the top of their game within their environment, they can smell blood from miles away and have a singular focus and ferocity in getting what they want. A few words of caution however, sharks are far-sighted creatures and can often miss what is right in front of their nose, so take a minute to check for blind spots in your field of vision. Have you been focusing so much on a perceived ‘end game’ that you’re missing important details around you right now?

Fire – You may soon be facing a proverbial bunny in the headlights situation, frozen in a moment unsure of which way is your best bet: back the way you came or onwards across the way you were headed before something caught you off guard? The main message I’m getting from Rabbit, via a frequently used phrase of my mum, is that “it’s time to shit or get off the pot”. If you undertook something you are now unsure of, there is no shame in turning back. If however your inner compass is driving you onwards, it’s time to let go of your fears and boldly crossover that threshold.

Water – It looks like this Fish has been in some pretty dark waters of late, and I’m reading the message that you’ve been swimming in circles around something – maybe a gut feeling that seems too elusive to put into words yet, or a relationship that doesn’t feel quite right. The waning crescent moon illuminated in the pool suggests to me that whatever the mystery feeling that has been nibbling at the edges of your consciousness is, it is in a period of gestation and will become clearer after the August New Moon period.



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