Walking the Path of the Major Arcana – The Sun

This post is a continuation of a month-long challenge hosted on Tarot Rebels. As I can’t commit to daily draws at the moment, I am following along at my own snail’s pace here. The concept of the challenge is to see the ways in which the energies of the Major Arcana are affecting and manifesting in my life at the moment. *

The Sun: Where does joy live in my life?

rebels sun 2

I’m a big fan of the Tarot of Vampyres (just look at that sexy Sun card), although like with most decks, I do have a few little qualms and the depiction of the Lords (Kings) in the Court is one of my biggest. They all just seem very same-y to me: a large, hyper-masculine, warrior sort of figure is helmeted on a horse. For me, this imagery works for the personalities of the Lord of Scepters (Wands) and Knives (Swords), but for the Grails (Cups), it falls flat. There are no intuitive hints or signs of this Lord’s immense emotional intelligence or gifts as a healer, and as these two aspects are what I relate to in today’s questions, the absence of any visual depiction of these traits bugs me especially!

I recently read this wonderful article on the art of hearth-keeping, and it reminded me of the King of Cups, a man of frith, never afraid or too detached to roll up his sleeves and get down to the emotional labour that keeps kin and community together. My joy lives in the idea that I can fulfil a similar role, that I can provide safety and support to those in need and bring unity and healing to my family and the communities I am a part of.


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