Halloween Ancestor Reading

I found this great ancestor spread on the blog Tarot in a Teacup and thought it would be the perfect reading to do on Halloween. Since I found the Wild Unknown Tarot and Animal Spirit Oracle work so well together, I decided to use both for this reading.

ancestor spread

Top Row: What is my ancestral lineage?

Gazelle, Panther and Lizard – The first thing that caught my attention with these cards is that all three are designated as Fire animals by the deck’s creator, Kim Krans. A few people in my family have done some work on our family tree and both my maternal and paternal lines are populated by immigrants, and I see the fire of these cards characterised by this heritage of wanderlust and questing for a better life.

In Gazelle and Lizard, I see two creatures of acute observance, aware of their surroundings and always attuned to any change in their environment – the slightest movement, the faintest breeze or a new scent. There is astuteness in this lineage, attention to detail and a hint of vulnerability too.

In the little paper fold-out of card keywords, Krans defines the Panther as representative of “annihilation of the unnecessary, purging”, which is a wonderful precursor for the following three cards.

Middle Row: What gifts do my ancestors offer?

Death, Six of Swords, Two of Pentacles – Such different cards, yet they all contain themes of endings and change. My ancestors offer the gift of adaptability and grace in transition. I see a powerful element of fearlessness and aspiration here and the willingness to make, or accept, abrupt but necessary changes. Read together, the cards flow in a story of a inevitable endings, the relinquishing of old ways and transformation into something new.

Bottom Row: The lessons my ancestors want me to learn

Five of Cups, Temperance and the Father of Swords – It is one thing to take time adjusting to the disappointment of unrealised dreams and unrealistic expectations, but my ancestors want me to learn to never mourn or wallow in what might have been but never was. Temperance and the Father of Swords tell me that to truly learn this lesson I must not let daydreams rule the day and instead practice better discernment and emotional discipline.

Final Cards: What do they help me to develop and become in this lifetime?

Strength and Shark – Wow, what a final pair! My ancestors are helping me to develop better balance between compassion, courtesy and tenacity. I am not a competitive person by nature and I hate the idea of stepping on toes or fighting for status or position, and will often take the path of least resistance to maintain the peace… which sounds nice, but can sometimes work to the detriment of my own development and capacity for achievement.

Much like the appearance of Temperance in the row above, I see a call for equilibrium between receptivity and action. They want me to keep my compassion but develop a fiercer sense of ambition in striving for what I desire in this life.



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