Welcome! I’m a thirty-something woman with a passion for primarily tarot, but also runes and other divination systems. I’m originally from the UK, but after completing my bachelor’s degree in London I followed my heart to Palestine, a nation that I love, which also turned out to be home to the man I love. We live in a small agrarian village outside of Bethlehem with our two young children, surrounded by family and some surprising wildlife!

As for my journey with tarot, I bought my first deck when I was 18 and dipped in and out of it for many years – I recognised its significance and couldn’t ever imagine being without a deck, yet I hadn’t worked out a way to really incorporate it into my daily life. Then one day, just over a year ago, I woke up one morning and knew I had to pursue my tarot studies in earnest, to what end I wasn’t yet sure, but I began working with the cards, journalling and reading about tarot everyday, and I haven’t looked back since.

When I finally started seeking online communities to learn from and share with, a whole new world of tarot was opened up to me, so this little blog is my small contribution to the wonderful, diverse world of tarot, to which I hope I can provide some novel insights and perspectives. For me, divination isn’t about seeing into the future, it’s about divining that which is unknown and repressed within ourselves. The different systems of tarot, runes, oracles or coffee grounds are all tools that give voice to our inner knowing, that allow us to explore different ways to act and alternative ways to think and behave to bring about positive change, healing and happiness in this moment.