Animal Spirit: Free Week Ahead Reading 12-18 August, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted a free reading, and while I unfortunately don’t have the time to start doing them again on a regular basis I’ve really missed them! I got the itch this week to dip my toe back into the Animal Spirit deck which has been sitting somewhat neglected, and thought a week ahead reading would be a great way to have a little explore with it.

I’ve decided to try something a bit different from my usual 3 card freestyle reading and instead focus on elemental energies.

animal spirit week ahead elements

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Free Weekly Reading: A message for 19 – 25 June, 2017

From the Tao Oracle: Hexagram 27, The Corners of the Mouth, Mountain over Lightening

tao oracle week ahead1

The focus for this week is self-care and nourishment. So many of us feel disconnected or at war with our bodies, we feel shame that they don’t look a certain way or can’t seem to do certain things. We can feel burdened by our own bodies, often treating them as cumbersome vessels we would rather not have to look after, or at worst, feel a sense of loathing for.

This week it is time to extend your body some tlc; it is not just a means to an end or a vehicle for some distinctive or separate matter we call ‘soul’, your spirit is infused into every cell of your being, and it needs some love.

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Free Weekly Reading: A message for 12 – 18 June, 2017

Hello all! I’m so sorry I didn’t post a reading last week, with family arriving and suffering a nasty tummy bug my energy was completely depleted. I gave it a crack and pulled some cards and…nothing. Couldn’t make heads or tails of the message, so I took a much needed nap with my youngest instead.

Anyway, here I am all refreshed and with a sparkly new deck, ready to inject some oomph into this week! It may not be the oomph you’re hoping for, but it’s a bit of a kick up the bum nonetheless. Joining us in this reading are the positive vibes of my beautiful new yak bone mala, which is charged to the hilt with lunar energy, and some reinforcing ocean power in the form of a gorgeous abalone shell a friend gave me following her trip to New Zealand, which is such a perfect fit with our lady of the sea, Dame Darcy and her fabulous mermaids’ tarot.

Because this deck is new and I’m still learning my way around it, I decided to use positional meanings to give my intuition a leg-up with this unfamiliar imagery. Reading left to right: 1. Situation this week; 2. Challenge; 3. Advice; and 4. An energy that can help you.

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Free Weekly Reading: A Message for 29 May – 4 June, 2017

Summary: Often times we expend a lot more time and energy on appearing okay than we do on actually being okay. Maintaining this façade not only draws on the resources you could be using to truly enrich and nurture yourself, it can also be detrimental to your wellbeing, with this ‘public’ face taking on a life of its own, leaving you feeling inauthentic, confused and burnt out. This week the cards ask you to let go of whatever it is you’ve been fiercely maintaining for the sake of appearances or possibly pride. It’s time to put this mask to rest and express how you really feel. Carve out a nook of time and space for yourself, no matter how small, and fight for it.

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Free Weekly Reading: A Message for 22-29 May, 2017

Summary: This week  the cards are asking you to pay particular attention to your intuition and prepare to release something that is no longer serving your highest good. If your situation or emotional environment is lacking inspiration, or you feel that your values or potential for growth and fulfillment are being stifled, it is time to seriously consider moving out and moving on. You may be feeling bound by responsibilities or the expectations of others to remain where you are, but know that if you dedicate yourself to changing your circumstances with grace and goodwill, you can minimize any disruption and put your best foot forward on your new path. Celebrate all that you have achieved, honour that which fulfilled you for a time, then say goodbye.

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Free Weekly Reading: A Message for May 14-21, 2017

The cat, like the cards, has no positional meaning 😉


Summary: You see that sweet little bird? The fearless one about to take its first flight stepping off that branch? The one who knows no limits and has an infinite curiosity in the world? The one who some call ‘Fool’? This week asks you to wipe the slate clean and be that little bird once again. 

WOW. Three Majors present us with some big opportunities for learning and growth this week! After drawing the first 3 cards I decided to get a bit of clarification as to the direction of the overall message so I calculated the ‘quint’ card (the quintessential message of the whole spread, as represented by a Major Arcana card): Sun 19 + Fool 0 + High Priestess 2 = 21 The World) to tie it all together.

In this spread we can see the reconciliation of a number of opposites – the Sun to the High Priestess’ Moon and the first and last cards of the Major Arcana, the Fool and The World. We have masculine, feminine, active and receptive, light and dark, beginnings and endings, innocence and experience. But what does it all mean???

Well, for the past week I have been trying to get my head around the Buddhist concept of ‘emptiness’, it is paradoxically complex in its simplicity, and apparently widely misunderstood. An element* of this concept that I understand so far however, looks a lot like the Fool. Emptiness isn’t about feeling empty or being wholly passive and void of personality, it is about freeing ourselves from the “I” that limits the experiences we open ourselves up to, and releasing the personal investment we feel in every moment.

This idea of releasing the “I” got me thinking about all of the “I am”s involved in maintaining a fixed and predictable identity. I’m sure we’ve all said something along the lines of “I’m not brave enough to do that”, “I’m not smart enough”; “I’m not a numbers person”, “I’m not creative”, “I’m short tempered”, “I am not spontaneous”, and so on.

While it can be nice to feel that we have a solid sense of who we are, an accumulation of all of these “I”s that we feel define us can severely restrict what we feel capable of. Rather than our perceived identity acting as a guide in helping us to get on with our daily responsibilities, it can start to act as a prison, restricting us from thoughts, beliefs and activities that do not align with its rigid construct.

Furthermore, it can dictate our reactions to different situations and limit our capacity to grow. Why do we react in certain ways, to either pleasant or unpleasant experiences, and then regret our behaviour later, berating ourselves with “Why do I always do that?” Maybe it is because we have outgrown those ways but have defined ourselves by them for so long that we forget we can choose another way to be? It’s not easy to quit behaviour/s we have entrenched as inherent personality traits or quirks, but if there is something that we do or think that instills a feeling of disappointment, confinement or even loathing in ourselves, it’s time to stop making excuses of “that’s just the way I am”, and allow ourselves to be something different.

On either side and above the Fool we have the Sun, the High Priestess and the World in perfect balance. Here I see the Sun representing self-realisation – the conscious understanding of who we are in all of our dimensions and contradictions, and an acceptance that all of these dimensions are changeable. The Sun includes the “I” and “me”, but is not limited by the turgid structures of ego-centrism, it is the highest self that also seeks evolution, expansion and transcendence. In the High Priestess I see the mysteries of the sub-conscious and unconscious mind, a trust in our intuition, and the acceptance of our shadows, working in harmony and integrated with our consciousness. The World then can represent the sum of these disparate parts, healed as one in the emptiness of the Fool – the one who does not fight against duality and the ever changing nature of life, the Earth and its surrounding celestial bodies, but flows with them, free from fixed nature and without pride or limitations.

This week’s cards ask you to explore the emotional and psychological structures that place limitations on your ability to engage fully with life. What are some of the “I am”s that restrict you? Imagine yourself without them, imagine all of the things that deep down you want to do, and would feel free to do, if you could just break those bonds. Imagine the freedom of  seeing you identity as tendencies, rather than absolutes. Finally, observe the natural cycles around you and within you – are you flowing with them, or fighting against them? Seek balance and harmony and understand that any dualities you feel within yourself can be reconciled if you release your pre-conceived notions and expectations of who you are – ‘You’ are nothing, you are empty, you are the Fool and you are everything.

*I am still in the very beginning stages of my Buddhist studies, so this is in no way an exhaustive look at ’emptiness’. Its meaning is far reaching and this write up only touches upon one of its simplest, most personal aspects within the context of this spread.

Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans, 1st Ed. Now published by HarperElixir.

Free Weekly Reading: A Message for May 8-14, 2017

Summary: This week may see you thrust back into the fray of something you believed  resolved. You thought everything was fine, more than fine in fact, so why do you suddenly feel backed into a corner and ganged up on? Some position you hold or decisions you’ve made will be called into question, but it is important that you take time to analyse your stance without self-critical judgements. Confront any uncomfortable truths about your motivations or agenda. Is what you’re sticking up for true to your highest ideals? If not, humbly bow out. If it is, find that source of inner strength and fight for it! 

weekly reading may 2017

The first thing that popped into my head when I drew the Six of Wands was, “no time for resting on your laurels”. There is a situation that you perhaps feel was resolved to your benefit or liking, and while it is important to take the time to acknowledge all of our little victories and graciously accept any recognition or appreciation we receive, it is not a state of being one can remain in for very long. Life goes on, more challenges arise and we are tested over and over again.

From the Seven of Wands it seems that whatever has been accomplished will soon have to be fought for once again. While you may have felt a sense of completion, others may not, and it doesn’t look like they’re being too quiet about it. Maybe the outcome wasn’t as lasting or successful as you had first hoped and you feel called upon, or even baited into, defending your position.

The King of Swords could represent advice for how to handle this situation: channeling his energy of detachment and clear reasoning, refusing to be drawn back in by taking an impartial and objective position. For sure, emotions are running high and it may be a very good idea to project his image of the calm, still centre in the eye of the storm. You can do this by resolutely keeping your cool, actively listening to all sides and appealing to logic.

However, the feeling that I am getting here is that this King presents us with a challenge, he represents another person, perhaps the one that’s asking you to defend yourself, even testing you. It could well be that the conclusion of the matter rests on their shoulders and you must appeal to their sense of fairness for a just solution. I see this person as being one that you seek approval from, but perhaps no matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems quite good enough to satisfy them – this could even represent your own inner harshest critic, who you seek to pacify – so have a think about exactly how many knots you should tie yourself in to please them.

Either way, whichever scenario resonates and whatever it is you are called upon to stand up for this week, the Night Queen wants you to know that you must travel into the depths of your soul to affirm the beliefs that you hold. You must face your fears of feeling unpopular, besieged and judged by opposing forces and opinions. Discover your personal truth, and do not seek the approval others, seek only the approval of your highest self. Know in your heart what is worth fighting for. Once you have reaffirmed your trust in your own judgement, you will know what needs to be done and find a huge well of strength to draw from.

As an additional note, it’s interesting that I drew the 6 and 7 of Wands in sequence, not only was the deck well shuffled, I fanned out the cards and selected them individually! I see this little coincidence as adding to the message this week – whatever challenges you are facing now, they are a part of the natural progression of things; while it may not feel like it, this is all part of the path that you are on, bumpy though it may be. Stay true to your course, weather the storm and this too shall pass in time.

Free Weekly Reading: A Message for May 1-7, 2017


weekly reading copy1

Summary: If you have been feeling the pain of heartbreak, isolation or loneliness, this week’s message is for you: it is time to start that delicate journey of moving on. You have felt and acknowledged the pain, now you must begin processing it. What have you learnt about yourself? What greater wisdom can be gleaned from the situation? How can you best heal and move forward? Start doing the work to escape this dark place you have found yourself in.

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Free Weekly Reading: A Message for April 24 – 30, 2017

Summary: If you’ve been feeling untethered or disconnected, this week asks you to cleanse and sanctify the spaces and significant objects around you. Seek beauty in your environment and renew your appreciation of all the items and places that offer you joy and a sense of security. You’ll be surprised at how much tending to your surroundings will replenish your own sense of tranquility and contentment. 

toth forecast

It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate without even noticing, one minute we’re moving into a new place and the next it is filled to the brim, and still, like the deteriorating Luxury of the Four of Cups, it can seem like we do not have enough, or what we have is not quite right or sufficiently ‘shiny’.

There are often objects, knick-knacks and adornments that we love at first sight and ‘need’ to have, all too soon however these items can fade into the background and become meaningless, just a shadow of that thing that used to glow with beauty in our minds and fill us with joy when we looked at it.

Is there a painting, poster, vase or some sort of ornament you eagerly brought home but haven’t really looked at for a while? This week asks you to gaze at it, remember what it is you first loved about it. Take time to clean it and refresh your relationship with it .

Are there any spaces at home where you seek refuge when everything has gotten to be too much? A place where you find the comfort, safety and healing offered by the Knight of Cups? If there is a favourite room or spot in your home, wash it, open up the windows and let some fresh air in, adorn it with a fresh bouquet of flowers, wipe the leaves of that neglected potted plant in the corner or burn a scented candle. Sit for a while enjoying a cup of your favourite beverage, drink deep, breathe in the room’s fresh smell and listen to its sounds. Don’t just meditate in that space, meditate with it. Submerge yourself in the feelings of safety and harmony it brings you.

If you have an altar for spiritual practice, evaluate the things you keep there, does everything speak to you in the same way it did? Does it need to be revitalised a bit with a new altar cloth, another scent of incense or some different crystals perhaps? Make an offering to that scared space, charge it anew in your mind, make it pure and buzzing with freshness again.

At its heart, this week isn’t about honouring materialistic accumulation, it is about understanding the power of totems and anchors. In times of stress it can be hard to find our inner space of tranquillity, we can feel like we are grasping at nothingness or desperately searching our hectic minds for that hidden point of calm. By projecting or imbuing the qualities of tranquillity onto tangible objects or spaces, we can more easily recall and access the feelings of harmony we associate with it. If you are faced with difficulties, upsets or anxieties this week, picture that newly re-energised sacred object or space in your mind’s eye, allow the perfect calm of it to wash over and through you. Use the energy of the Empress to honour and nourish the harmony and simple of beauty of the tangible things around you, by doing so you will have also honoured those qualities within yourself.


Thoth Tarot, published by AGM Müller/Urania 

Free Weekly Reading, A message for April 17-23

hidden realm weekly forecast

Summary: This week presents a challenge and it may be one that feels somewhat alien or beyond your skill set. More important still, there is the potential that something or someone important will be overlooked. This situation can’t be overcome with reason and there is no plea or argument for rationality that will lead to a solution. Don’t badger people (or yourself) with cold hard judgements, for there are some things – like people’s feelings or the inevitable ups and downs of life – that you can’t logic your way out of. This is a time for a heart-centred approach based on the emotional wellbeing of everyone involved. Everything may not be resolved with all the loose ends tied up in a neat little bow quite like you want, but no one’s needs will have been side-lined for the sake of speed and tidiness.

With the cards placed together I find this spread visually interesting as they appear to merge into one panoramic picture. On the left we see the King of Swords whose line of sight seems directed at the wolf in Strength. As the King of air and mental faculties he gazes down upon the wolf of inner shadows, almost uncertain of what to do with it. These two speak completely different languages, one of logic and sense, the other of instinct and emotion. Wild things are difficult to tame and cannot be argued into submission, nor should they be judged for their seeming disorderliness or domineered. Dealing with the wild and darker aspects of ourselves, others and the world at large takes consideration and compassion, stillness and a willingness to listen. Do not try to argue logic in the face of such turbulence. While a clear, calm head is vital in seeking long-term solutions, don’t let its tendency towards airy superiority drown out the voice of your heart, for that is where the true path to resolution lies.

It is also interesting that while our King and lady of Strength are busy observing the wolf, the two girls in the middle sit overlooked and downcast. In everyone’s haste to deal with the big, bad wolf they have been left to fend for themselves. So whatever decision or problem you are facing this week, be sure that your vision isn’t narrowed at anyone else’s expense. If it is affecting you, it is likely also affecting those around you, so don’t disregard their wellbeing while a solution is sought.

Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore and Julia Jeffrey, published by Llewellyn, Inc