Walking the Path of the Major Arcana – Strength

This post is a continuation of a month-long challenge hosted on Tarot Rebels. As I can’t commit to daily draws at the moment, I am following along at my own snail’s pace here. The concept of the challenge is to see the ways in which the energies of the Major Arcana are affecting and manifesting in my life at the moment. *

I’m a Justice numbered 8 and Strength 11 kinda gal, so sending out virtual high fives to the creators of this challenge.

Strength: What is true inner strength and control to me?

rebels strength

I can’t say exactly what ‘true’ inner-strength and control are for me, because there are so many different kinds of strength and control, but I can certainly say where they reside within me. My inner strength resides in the stability provided by my love for my family, and that sense of love informs what and how I control.

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Game of Thrones Reading – What’s in store for Brienne & Tormund?

Like many others, I’m sure, the end of this season’s Game of Thrones came about all too quickly and I want to know what happens RIGHT NOW (that goes for you too, GRRM)…well I can’t predict the end, but why not fritter away some time with speculation until the final season hits our screens in 2019 (!!!)?

With all of the misery and terror in the GoT universe, the lusting of Tormund over Brienne has brought some much needed relief and light hearted humour to all of the zombies, narcissists and psychopaths that populate the Seven Kingdoms.

tormund brienne

For such an unlikely pair I thought it best to use an unlikely deck. While I haven’t done these styles of readings myself before, I’ve heard many readers say that the Crystal Visions Tarot is great for love and romance readings, plus the fluffy fantasy and pretty uber-femininity of it coupled with the characters of Tormund and Brienne amuses me greatly. If ever there was something as ill suited to them as they are to each other, Crystal Visions is it.

Well, bless this little deck. I went into this reading with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but it is totally sincere. So what happens when the romantic optimism of a whimsical deck meets the harsh world of the GoT?

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Free Weekly Reading: A Message for May 8-14, 2017

Summary: This week may see you thrust back into the fray of something you believed  resolved. You thought everything was fine, more than fine in fact, so why do you suddenly feel backed into a corner and ganged up on? Some position you hold or decisions you’ve made will be called into question, but it is important that you take time to analyse your stance without self-critical judgements. Confront any uncomfortable truths about your motivations or agenda. Is what you’re sticking up for true to your highest ideals? If not, humbly bow out. If it is, find that source of inner strength and fight for it! 

weekly reading may 2017

The first thing that popped into my head when I drew the Six of Wands was, “no time for resting on your laurels”. There is a situation that you perhaps feel was resolved to your benefit or liking, and while it is important to take the time to acknowledge all of our little victories and graciously accept any recognition or appreciation we receive, it is not a state of being one can remain in for very long. Life goes on, more challenges arise and we are tested over and over again.

From the Seven of Wands it seems that whatever has been accomplished will soon have to be fought for once again. While you may have felt a sense of completion, others may not, and it doesn’t look like they’re being too quiet about it. Maybe the outcome wasn’t as lasting or successful as you had first hoped and you feel called upon, or even baited into, defending your position.

The King of Swords could represent advice for how to handle this situation: channeling his energy of detachment and clear reasoning, refusing to be drawn back in by taking an impartial and objective position. For sure, emotions are running high and it may be a very good idea to project his image of the calm, still centre in the eye of the storm. You can do this by resolutely keeping your cool, actively listening to all sides and appealing to logic.

However, the feeling that I am getting here is that this King presents us with a challenge, he represents another person, perhaps the one that’s asking you to defend yourself, even testing you. It could well be that the conclusion of the matter rests on their shoulders and you must appeal to their sense of fairness for a just solution. I see this person as being one that you seek approval from, but perhaps no matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems quite good enough to satisfy them – this could even represent your own inner harshest critic, who you seek to pacify – so have a think about exactly how many knots you should tie yourself in to please them.

Either way, whichever scenario resonates and whatever it is you are called upon to stand up for this week, the Night Queen wants you to know that you must travel into the depths of your soul to affirm the beliefs that you hold. You must face your fears of feeling unpopular, besieged and judged by opposing forces and opinions. Discover your personal truth, and do not seek the approval others, seek only the approval of your highest self. Know in your heart what is worth fighting for. Once you have reaffirmed your trust in your own judgement, you will know what needs to be done and find a huge well of strength to draw from.

As an additional note, it’s interesting that I drew the 6 and 7 of Wands in sequence, not only was the deck well shuffled, I fanned out the cards and selected them individually! I see this little coincidence as adding to the message this week – whatever challenges you are facing now, they are a part of the natural progression of things; while it may not feel like it, this is all part of the path that you are on, bumpy though it may be. Stay true to your course, weather the storm and this too shall pass in time.

Weekly Forecast (3-9 of April, 2017)

Every Sunday I hope to bring you a little sneak peak into the different energies and opportunities to be mindful of in the week ahead. I have read Tarot for myself for many years but can count on one hand the number of readings I have done for others, so I also thought these weekly readings would be a great way for me to practice addressing a ‘you’ rather than ‘me’ or ‘I’ and encourage me to seek broader applications of the cards rather than just what personally resonates. To start off this series I thought it would be nice to use the lovely and gentle Crystal Visions Tarot.


From left to right:

  1. Theme of this week
  2. A challenge or opportunity
  3. Advice

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