Walking the Path of the Major Arcana – The Fool

*NSFW – the cards in this post contain full frontal male/female nudity*

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Over on the Tarot Rebels Facebook page another great daily draw challenge has begun, but, as can be attested to here and elsewhere, I am terrible at keeping up with these things, so I decided to follow along at my own pace here. The challenge is slightly amended from one by Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing.

The concept of the challenge is to see the ways in which the energies of the Major Arcana (and the changing season) are affecting and manifesting in your life at the moment.

I like the idea given by the admins on Tarot Rebels to shuffle the cards as you think of the question, then in a sort of Lenormand style, seek out the Major in question and draw the card directly beneath it as the answer. Including the Major provides a tangible significator for the draw and opens up the opportunity to see how the two cards interact visually with each other.

The Fool: Where in my life am I being invited to leap courageously?

mary el 1

This feels like such a relevant message at the moment as animistic and earth-based beliefs are increasingly making their way into my spiritual path. Far from just an augury of financial success, the Ace of Pentacles is the seed and spirit of all life; the very epicentre of magic, power, fertility and abundance. This card tells me that it is time for me to leap courageously into a deeper appreciation of Earth’s gifts and to honour them ritualistically.

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July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 1-4)

Over at the 3 of Cups Tarot Community on Facebook, we just started a new month-long challenge to bond with decks that are either new to us, or ones we face blockages reading with. As I only recently received the Faerie Enchantments deck (which can be purchased here) and still feel a bit out of my depth with oracles, I thought this would be the perfect way to do a little getting to know you and start building a relationship with it.
I’ve included the phonetic pronunciations of the names (courtesy of a lovely woman over on the Faerie Enchantments Facebook group). I’m familiar with some Irish and Welsh names, but many are still a mystery, so these are invaluable to me! Each card relates to either one Major Arcana card or to 3 Minor Arcana cards, according to astrological modalities and elemental correspondences  (eg. cardinal fire: 2,3,4 of wands). I’ve included the correspondences, although I’m not going to stick faithfully to traditional tarot interpretations.

first4-fronts faerie

Day 1 – Your deck introduces itself: Dylan [Da-lan] – This deck is a guide and teacher, a bit dark and otherworldly and maybe a bit misunderstood. I see sorrow here also in the acknowledgment of impermanence, and a sympathy to the pain that comes with release and surrender to the unknown. (Death) Continue reading “July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 1-4)”