July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 5-8)

faerie day5-8

Day 5 – Greatest weakness of the deck: Arianrhod [Ar-ee-an-rod] – This deck is many things, an oracle, an enchantments and spell book, a portal to the Otherworld and a modified tarot deck. According to Ian Daniels, Arianrhod corresponds to the Chariot. This tells me that one of the weaknesses of this deck is its lack of a defined or strictly outlined use. For me, being used to the structure of tarot and runes, I sometimes feel at a bit of a loss as to how I’m supposed to use it or in which guise we will work best together. The deck cannot tell me in which way it will function best, it is up to me to hone my focus and direct my usage for a hopefully fruitful relationship.

Day 6 – Nature of our Collaboration: Druantia [Dru-an-tee-ah] – I live in and operate very much from the airy realms of my mind, and this card tells me that in our collaboration, this deck can bring me back down to earth and re-wild me. I see an activation of my lower chakras and an opportunity to learn how to revive my passions, fire and creativity and build a closer connection to nature in all of its untamed beauty and fierceness. (Corresponds to The Devil in tarot)

Day 7 – Read with this deck for others?: The Beloved – I’m taking this card as a big YES to that question. The Beloved represents one’s spirit guide or avatar in this deck and acts as a personal bridge between the conscious, sub and unconscious mind and the Otherworld. In regards to the question, I see this card as saying that this deck is open to assisting any soul that comes to it ready to delve into the realm of the Fair Folk.

Day 8 – What the deck thinks of you: Modron [Mod-rohn] – Modron is the divine mother and represents new beginnings and the seedlings of potential. It’s really interesting to me that this card came up here at this time as I have, for the first time and very recently, had a palpable experience of the Mother Goddess, and I was able to recognise her for what she is. I am still very new to my current spiritual path (which is still as yet very eclectic and undefinable) and it seems this deck knows it and comes with the message that I have all the capabilities within me to grow into spiritual practice, learn and flourish. (Corresponds to the Ace of Pentacles)

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July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 1-4)

Over at the 3 of Cups Tarot Community on Facebook, we just started a new month-long challenge to bond with decks that are either new to us, or ones we face blockages reading with. As I only recently received the Faerie Enchantments deck (which can be purchased here) and still feel a bit out of my depth with oracles, I thought this would be the perfect way to do a little getting to know you and start building a relationship with it.
I’ve included the phonetic pronunciations of the names (courtesy of a lovely woman over on the Faerie Enchantments Facebook group). I’m familiar with some Irish and Welsh names, but many are still a mystery, so these are invaluable to me! Each card relates to either one Major Arcana card or to 3 Minor Arcana cards, according to astrological modalities and elemental correspondences  (eg. cardinal fire: 2,3,4 of wands). I’ve included the correspondences, although I’m not going to stick faithfully to traditional tarot interpretations.

first4-fronts faerie

Day 1 – Your deck introduces itself: Dylan [Da-lan] – This deck is a guide and teacher, a bit dark and otherworldly and maybe a bit misunderstood. I see sorrow here also in the acknowledgment of impermanence, and a sympathy to the pain that comes with release and surrender to the unknown. (Death)

Day 2: What your deck needs from you: Siona [pronounced Shee-en-ah]– To go deep with this deck I need to suspend any disbelief, go beyond consciousness and beyond normal. I get the feeling that I need to gaze at these images and let my mind wander to strange places… maybe try some path working with them. (The Moon)

Day 3: What kind of reading it prefers: Gwion [Gwee-un] – in the offering of water from a radiant young boy I see that this deck prefers readings that focus on providing healing, knowledge and spiritual nourishment. (The Sun)

Day 4: Greatest strength of the deck: Kernunnos [Ker-nu-noss]  – This response feels so simple and self-explanatory in its message: The greatest strength of this deck is the magic contained within. (The Magician)

It’s interesting that all of the cards drawn correspond to the Major Arcana – an extra push for me to sit up and pay close attention!

first4 faerie