Exploring Tarot and Rune Correspondences: Introduction and First Rune – Fehu

This will be the first post in an ongoing series taking a look at the correspondences between tarot and runes, or more precisely, understanding the runes through a tarot lens. Now, before any purists get their knickers in a twist, it is true that there is no historical connection between the two systems. With that said however, I am hoping to show that knowing one can be helpful in learning the other, and while this is primarily aimed at people with a basis in tarot wishing to start learning the runes, I hope it is still accessible to people who are at the very beginning of either study.

I am a visual learner and although I bought my first rune set a year before my first deck, I found tarot much easier to get to grips with because of all the visual clues in the cards. Once I had the basics of tarot down, the runes started to click into place because I could relate them to the images in cards that shared similar themes.

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