The Sacred Indian Tarot – First Impressions

I recently purchased the beautiful Sacred Indian Tarot (not to be mistaken for the Sacred India Tarot) and wanted to pop-up a first impression to give some much needed press to this little-known deck. I stumbled on a couple of images of this deck in a Facebook tarot group (it had me at High Priestess), but there are very few images of it online and even after scouring the pages of Aeclectic’s epic archive of decks, I could find no mention of it, which is a shame because it is incredible!

indian tarot boxand book

The deck is Majors only and was first published in 2010, created by Kiren Rai, a writer from Uganda who moved to India in her early teens. In the introduction Rai says, “There is a strong similarity between the early tenets of tarot and the Hindu belief in Karma as a regenerative process of consciousness…The Sacred Indian Tarot is the first comprehensive Indian book of tarot cards based on Indian epics and mythology. The deck of cards contains 22 unique hand painted cards with archetypes based on a rich tapestry of of Indian images, stories and symbols taken from the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, and Upanishads.”

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