Game of Thrones Reading – What’s in store for Brienne & Tormund?

Like many others, I’m sure, the end of this season’s Game of Thrones came about all too quickly and I want to know what happens RIGHT NOW (that goes for you too, GRRM)…well I can’t predict the end, but why not fritter away some time with speculation until the final season hits our screens in 2019 (!!!)?

With all of the misery and terror in the GoT universe, the lusting of Tormund over Brienne has brought some much needed relief and light hearted humour to all of the zombies, narcissists and psychopaths that populate the Seven Kingdoms.

tormund brienne

For such an unlikely pair I thought it best to use an unlikely deck. While I haven’t done these styles of readings myself before, I’ve heard many readers say that the Crystal Visions Tarot is great for love and romance readings, plus the fluffy fantasy and pretty uber-femininity of it coupled with the characters of Tormund and Brienne amuses me greatly. If ever there was something as ill suited to them as they are to each other, Crystal Visions is it.

Well, bless this little deck. I went into this reading with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but it is totally sincere. So what happens when the romantic optimism of a whimsical deck meets the harsh world of the GoT?

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Game of Thrones Reading – Sansa Stark in Season 7

I was having a look through my tarot journals (actually Word files because I write frustratingly slow compared to how I type) and found this reading from last year and thought it might be fun to share.

sansa pic

I don’t have anyone I can read tarot for and reading constantly for myself just to have an excuse to pick up some cards can be emotionally unproductive and psychologically exhausting, so I did a couple of readings for fictional characters for practice and general tarot time geekery. I’d just finished watching Season 6 of Game of Thrones and, as always, was not yet ready to let go.

Unlike a lot of viewers it seems I actually like Sansa Stark, so much of the mistrust and dislike she inspires (aside from Sophie Turner’s spotty acting) appears to me to be rooted in deeply ingrained misogyny. Unlike Arya or Brienne she largely conforms to traditional, patriarchal constructions of girlhood and womanhood. People seem to laud Arya not specifically because of anything she has done, but merely for the fact that she displays more “boyish” and violent traits. There is of course nothing wrong with shaking off the limitations imposed by the gender assigned to you at birth, but celebrating “masculine” traits as superior while depreciating “feminine” coded traits as weak and undesirable is straight out of patriarchy’s playbook, and I’m having none of it.

Anyway, rant aside, I just finished watching Season 7 of GoT and decided to take a look back at my reading for Sansa last year, to see how the two compared. It’s very helpful to be able to look back at old readings with the benefit of hindsight to check for the accuracy, blind spots or any patterns or implications I missed.


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