Spread for Spiritual Gifts

Over at the 3 of Cups Tarot Community we have started doing weekly buddy readings and this week my buddy asked for a reading about her spiritual gifts. I couldn’t find any spreads online that really fit the bill and creating new spreads is something I love doing, so I got to work and came up with this. It came out with some interesting insights so I decided to try it for myself. [Sorry about the terrible picture quality, the lighting in my house is terrible and my phone camera is just not having it.]


I used a mix of oracles and tarot that I felt best suited to answer the positional questions, of course if you decide to use this spread yourself, follow your gut on which deck/s to use.

The top row of cards are from the Celtic Tree Oracle and represent three spiritual gifts that you may or may not be aware of, but are the most accessible to you at this time. The row of tarot cards beneath, here from Raven’s Prophecy, are drawn from the Major Arcana and read together with the gift cards to show where you are with that gift right now. Continue reading “Spread for Spiritual Gifts”


Wing of Isis Spread

The Wing of Isis spread is one of two spreads created by Alana Fairchild especially for the deck, she says that it is intended to “lift you into new understanding”, and after some interesting one and two-card draws I thought it was time to try another larger spread with the deck. The cards are read left to right.

wing of isis spread

What is the real issue for me right now on a spiritual level?

Ancient Power Mysteries, “Hear the Rattle of Isis Playing”

Excerpt rom the guidebook: “You are guided to use words that reflect the experience you would like to create in your life. It may involve shifting how you speak , for example, rather than focusing on struggle or what is not working, focusing on the signs of life and healing that you experience. This may also include using chant, incantation and prayer…The Oracle guides you to honour the power of your voice whether through spoken or sung words, and in what you write, speak about or stand for symbolically also.

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Living the Oracles: My card of the week in retrospect

Last week I drew another card from the Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild to give me something to chew over and pulled the “Goddess of 10,000 Names: Isis – Endless Emanations of the Priestess”.

10000 names

For this card, the guidebook says in part:

Just like the Lady Isis, you are a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being. It is most helpful at this phase in your path that you learn not to attach to roles or identities that may have once held great importance for you or others relating to you.”

“… It can be tricky to avoid getting stuck in roles that others prescribe for you and expect of you, and yet your self-definition will become wider and your experience of yourself more real and fulfilling if you are open to discovering more of you, beyond the person you have considered yourself to be up until now. For this to happen, you must be willing to allow the many and varied faces of your being, your ten thousand names, to begin to emerge in your awareness…” Continue reading “Living the Oracles: My card of the week in retrospect”

Living the Oracles: My card of the week in retrospect

I kind of suck at keeping up with daily draws because I feel like I barely have enough time to absorb and mull over a card’s deeper and multifaceted meaning before the next day is dawning. Plus, my days are pretty repetitive so having a new theme every day seems a bit like overkill, but I do like to pull a card every weekend to give me a nugget to nibble on for the upcoming week.

Anyway, instead of writing about this card in advance of my week, I decided to write it up at the end to explore how I found the card’s energies manifest in retrospect – which ways it influenced or informed my behaviour over the course of that week, or any events or feelings it forecasted.

Last weekend I pulled a card from my new Isis Oracle, “Mother of Life: Nourishment of the Golden Grain Mother.”

isis card of week

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First Impressions & Deck Interview: The Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton – the bones made me do it!

It’s taken me a long time to jump on the Alana Fairchild bandwagon and had you asked me a year ago if I would ever own one of her decks my answer would have probably been a pretty snarky ‘no’. I’ve always loved the artists she is teamed up with, particularly for the Kuan Yin and Sacred Rebel oracles, but whenever I read any samples of her guidebook my eyes would roll…hard.

isis box setYou see, I don’t believe in a Divine Plan, or that the universe loves me unconditionally. I find the universe pretty ambivalent and see chaos everywhere. This idea that “everything happens for a reason” takes me beyond eye rolling into ragey territory because it seems like the sheltered worldview of someone who has benefitted from a number of geographic, ethnic, racial and class privileges. With the people of this world being attacked with chemical weapons, bombed, starved, oppressed, abused and trafficked, it is hard for me to see some grand scheme and work, and if it is, it’s a shitty one I don’t particularly wish to “surrender” to.

So, why the hell am I now sitting here with a brand spanking new Alana Fairchild deck? Well the weirdest yet most honest answer is this: the bones made me do it. I’ve been working on incorporating the skull I found into my meditation and divination practices, both as a memento mori to help me deal with my phobia of death, and as a tangible link to nature and animal spirits. After meditating a few times with the skull I asked it which deck it would like to work with. The Wild Unknown tarot and Animal Spirit Oracle seem like the most obvious fit for the divination aspect, and they have worked well together so far, but I felt I needed something more, a bit deeper and focused specifically on personal spiritual development.

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