Waxing Moon Morrígan Spread & Free Reading

The waxing gibbous moon is all about building upon the energies planted during the dark moon period. With the full moon approaching, feelings of wondrous potential are becoming palpable. It is a time to make the final preparations and maintain stamina in order to realise all of the power offered by the illumination of the full moon.

I’ve been feeling drawn to the Morrígan recently and she started pecking at me to make a new spread, so I thought what better way to prepare for Sunday’s full moon than to inject some of her battle wisdom into the coming week!

morrigan spread

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New Moon, New Spread: The Four-Fold Goddess

Yep, you read that right, the four-fold goddess. In the past month I stumbled upon a couple of interesting articles (here and here, which I highly recommend reading) taking a critical look at the tripartite model of womanhood as represented by the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Associated so closely with nature, it certainly seems to make more sense to create a broader representation that aligns with the four seasons and four principal lunar phases. Newly proposed is the addition of an Autumnal, last-quarter stage of womanhood, the time between Mother and Crone, a stage aptly titled ‘Queen’. A number of physical changes occur during midlife with the onset of menopause, and this can often be one of the most powerful and transformative stages of a woman’s life, she is mature and independent, so lets not leave her out!

In lieu of this more inclusive model, I decided to create a new lunar spread to explore these aspects that we all carry within ourselves. Furthermore, to better reflect the reality that not all women do, can or wish to become mothers, but still contain an incredible creative force, I have renamed the Mother, ‘Creatrix’.

In one of the posts linked above the author adds an additional 5th category, ‘Warrior’, however I see this aspect as already incorporated into all of the stages. Mythologically and throughout history we’ve had fierce warrior maidens, mothers, queens and crones, such as Joan of Arc, Kali, Boudicca and Badb, respectively, to name but a few. But of course, if it resonates, add it!

new spread

  1. You, the Maiden – a lesson you need to learn.
  2. You, the Creatrix – what you can do to realise your creative potential.
  3. You, the Queen – an area in which you need to assert yourself.
  4. You, the Crone – a message from your inner-knowing.

This spread is intended to tap into psychological and spiritual archetypes, which are represented to me as follows: the Maiden represents all of our untapped or ‘virgin’ potential, our hopes, dreams and aspirations, she is innocent and hopeful, but also naive and unfocused. The Creatrix represents all of our powers to manifest a creative vision and nurture it to maturity. The Queen is our sense of autonomy and discernment, she represents the confidence to assert oneself that comes from self-reliance and self-knowledge. Finally, the Crone represents our inner and ancestral wisdom, life experience and our capacity for tolerance and peaceful acceptance. She understands both the darkest and lightest aspects of our souls, and she knows what to keep for wisdom and what to release for a sound mind.

I hope you like it! If anyone decides to try it out, please feel free to share your reading in the comments, I’d love to hear how it goes!


Full Moon Reading – A Time to Howl

*A few words of warning: two of the cards drawn contain nudity, full frontal male and full frontal female. I would categorise both as artistic nudity, the images are not sexual or exploitative, however I am aware mileage and opinions on nudity do vary, so you have been warned!

I’m a couple of days late with this, the full moon was on the 11th but the youngest and I both came down with a nasty stomach bug, so while I did manage to draw some cards in the haze, I didn’t have any energy for a write up.

Anyway, in keeping with the strong message for centring on expression and communication in my weekly forecast reading this week, for this full moon I decided to do this lovely spread I found on Little Red Tarot called What’s Howlin’ (the spread was originally conceived by Chanel Bayless, but the link to it on her site seems to have expired). This spread is all about the messages and desires you are yearning to unleash.

With the energies of the full moon, this is an opportunity to ask the High Priestess to lift the veil a little and allow out the most urgent messages of the unconscious mind…what does it want to be heard? What needs to step out of the shadows and into the light?

The obvious choice for this spread was the Mary-El, the primal energy of this deck can match a wolf’s, howl for howl!

mary el howlin'

1. The message you are howlin’ at the moon

The Fool – cue Freddie Mercury singing “I want to break free”, because I’m feeling ready for something entirely new. Stability is turning into stagnation and my little wolf is howling out that she is ready to pounce in some new direction and shake things up a bit. This is, however, going to require a bit of creative thinking on my part as I can’t really change the basic format of my day, I have two young kids to look after and a house I would rather didn’t look like a dump, so I need to hunt down something dynamic and new to do in those few hours when the littlies are napping or out playing. I feel up to the challenge though, and there are a couple of new things I’ve been meaning to read about, learn and do, but have so far procrastinated on really dedicating my concentration to. The Fool tells me it’s time to stop messing about and jump right in.

2, 3 & 4. How you can communicate this

The Tower – Big changes need to be made. To release my heart’s message I am going to have to take a long, hard look at the structures I have built up around it and knock down what is holding me back. I’ve been feeling like I am standing on unsteady ground recently and the Tower warns that it is time for me to start dismantling some of my thought patterns and behaviours before everything comes tumbling down in an almighty crash. I feel almost constantly tired and drained, so I need to dig deep and start rebuilding myself anew, because what I’ve got going on now emotionally is not working. I don’t need a completely new life, but I do need a new way of being in my life.

Five of Cups – This is one of the cards in Mary-El I find an interesting deviation from the RWS. In the guidebook, White relates the unicorn to both Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of Norse mythology, and the teacher and wounded healer Chiron from the Greek sagas; she speaks of sacrifice, guardianship, peace and heartache. I feel this image speaks to the fact that I have always been interested in the healing arts. Although it will be a few years before I can begin any studies in a healing tradition or discipline in earnest, this card reminds me that healing can be done at any time, by anyone – it can start at home, it can start with me. I don’t need a degree or years of training under my belt to practice empathy and compassion, I already do do that, but I can do so much more by simply listening harder to what is around me. I have relationships to heal: with people, with the idea of spirit and with the earth. I can start that now.

Queen of Wands – This Queen looks straight at me, almost through me, and while her expression isn’t judgmental, she has no time, I repeat, no time for my bullshit. She knows a thing or two about desire, about going after what she wants, and she knows a thing or two about be burnt in the process. Drop the affected apathy and go boldly forth, dream big, care for something, burn for it, she says.

Well, she sure has me pegged. I do extinguish my own enthusiasm, almost the second it appears, I’ve done it for so long now it isn’t even a conscious effort for me to do so. This all stems back to the years of listening to that little jerk-brain inside telling me I’m not good enough, not smart enough; that whatever I try I am ultimately going to fail; that no one is ever going to care about or notice what I do anyway, so I’d better not get too invested in the outcome, that it is best to remain detached so my inevitable disappointments don’t hurt. And it’s true, if I don’t invest all of my hopes into my efforts I have nothing to lose, but I’ll never really have anything to gain either. True creativity demands your heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears, and this Queen tells me it is time to do give all of those things and just strive, strive, strive.


With two Major Arcana cards relating to change, destruction and renewal a large upheaval is being asked for this full moon. I need to get to the bare bones of my situation and think about what needs to be demolished and what needs to be fortified. The path forward is not yet clear, but with a bold and open heart it soon can be. I must say, this draw hasn’t come as a complete surprise, there are a number of things changing in regards to where I feel called on my path, most of which are very unexpected, but my eyes and ears are open, I am ready.

New Moon Reading

At the last full moon I set the intention that by the following new moon I would launch my little blog, so what better way to kick things off than with a new moon reading! This lunar phase is all about letting go of what holds you back and inviting in new energies that can light the way on your path forward. For this reading I decided to use the Tarot of the Hidden Realm, a much loved deck of mine that has a particular Fae flair for illuminating the natural cycles always at work, but often unnoticed, around us.

hidden realm new moon

  1. The theme of the upcoming month
  2. In the Dark: hidden challenges
  3. In the Light: energies that can assist you
  4. Waning: what to release
  5. Waxing: what to invite

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