Lenormand 9 Square reading

Unsurprisingly, our move to the US and all of the upheaval that comes with it is still at the forefront of my mind, and my main concern is the work I will be doing when I get there to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. I mentioned before how I am strongly considering going into the medical field at entry level and have been mulling over a number of training courses, options and specific areas of interest, imagining myself working in different roles and asking, what would I find the most fulfilling?

Of course, I can’t really know until I do it, so I decided to get back to basics and created this Lenormand spread to explore the core of what I can do and what I have to offer at this time. The first horizontal row represents my talents, the second is my skills (things I can also build upon) and the bottom is advice about how to put them to best use. I had quite a lot of fun with this spread because I made it in such a way that I can focus on those main three questions, then see how they intersect and interact with the bigger picture of our move by reading vertically and diagonally.

9 square

My talents – Key + Stork + Crossroads

Discovering adaptable solutions to various situations and conundrums; a specialty in knowing when it is time to move-on to a new path; unlocking numerous options to pursue when facing transition.

My skills – Birds + Fish + Snake

Talking through numerous complexities; going with the flow in times of trouble and anxiety; tempting talk of money – in other words, a good sales pitch; complex discussions about cash-flow – smart banking? Vicious talk of money – hard bargaining?

Advice – Clover + Child + Bear

Be resourceful with even the smallest opportunity; resourcefulness brings new opportunities; be protective of new opportunities; find joy in the smallest of resources; look for opportunities in new management; build strength through small opportunities; protecting my children brings luck.

How they interact/intersect – vertical line reading:

Key + Birds + Clover

Unlocking multiple opportunities; the key to opportunities is talking (networking and interviews, perhaps).

Stork + Fish + Child

New fiscal transition; moving to find new abundance; relocation brings slight affluence.

Crossroads + Snake + Bear

Manage complex choices; path of wise resource management; diverse and complex management of resources; protect against bad choices; boldness in the face of winding paths; empower biting discernment.

How they interact/intersect – diagonal line reading:

Key + Fish + Bear

The key to affluence is resource management; unlock financial reserves; the solution is multiple jobs; the answer is to protect your finances.

Crossroads + Fish + Clover

Diversifying your finances brings luck; taking short-term financial decisions; opportune financial decisions.

Corner cards:

Key + Crossroads + Bear + Clover

The answer is to diversify your resources and opportunities.


It is interesting that both the Stork and Fish appeared, reflecting my concerns about a relocation and our financial situation, and the fact that the whole spread is kicked off with the Key just reminds me again why I’ve fallen in love with Lenormand – straight down to business, here are some solutions. Pragmatism at its finest.

Overall I am seeing from this spread that to best utilise my talents and skills during this move it is important that I  diversify my plans. My possible ‘calling’ can wait, the specificities of which job or career are unimportant for now, first I must focus on seizing as many opportunities as possible to increase our cash flow and build up our reserves. I need to be adaptable, weigh up my options and just get talking to people about what opportunities are out there.


The Divine Masculine in a Time of Toxic Masculinity – A Norse Pagan’s Perspective + New Spread

*Trigger warning for mentions of misogyny and assault*

This isn’t the easiest time to talk about this topic and I keep putting it off. Laptop open, fingers poised at the keyboard and…nothing. Nothing that feels quite right. But I know that if I put it off one more day I’ll never get around to it.

With the floodgates opened by the Harvey Weistein revelations, the seemingly never-ending list of abusive men in power revealed, followed by this constant barrage of #metoo, and I’ve spent much of the past few weeks feeling sick and miserable for all of my sisters out there who have been raped, assaulted, abused, harassed, gaslighted, belittled, degraded, silenced, shamed and victimised at the hands of entitled, misogynistic men void of compassion, empathy, respect or even the most basic fundamentals of human decency. I’m hurting. And I’m fucking angry that our culture not only allows silence around abuse to hold for so long, but that it actively fosters it and seeks to humiliate those that break it.

I can’t say any of it has come as a surprise, if anything I’m surprised it is still getting any media airtime. And while every story shared breaks my heart that bit more, leaving my chest tight with a feeling of anger and bewilderment at the cruelty of people, it is almost a relief that they keep coming because each new testimony proves that no, we haven’t been “hysterical”, “delusional” or “overly sensitive” all this time, there really is a big fucking problem with masculinity. Continue reading “The Divine Masculine in a Time of Toxic Masculinity – A Norse Pagan’s Perspective + New Spread”

Waxing Moon Morrígan Spread & Free Reading

The waxing gibbous moon is all about building upon the energies planted during the dark moon period. With the full moon approaching, feelings of wondrous potential are becoming palpable. It is a time to make the final preparations and maintain stamina in order to realise all of the power offered by the illumination of the full moon.

I’ve been feeling drawn to the Morrígan recently and she started pecking at me to make a new spread, so I thought what better way to prepare for Sunday’s full moon than to inject some of her battle wisdom into the coming week!

morrigan spread

Continue reading “Waxing Moon Morrígan Spread & Free Reading”