Spread for Spiritual Gifts

Over at the 3 of Cups Tarot Community we have started doing weekly buddy readings and this week my buddy asked for a reading about her spiritual gifts. I couldn’t find any spreads online that really fit the bill and creating new spreads is something I love doing, so I got to work and came up with this. It came out with some interesting insights so I decided to try it for myself. [Sorry about the terrible picture quality, the lighting in my house is terrible and my phone camera is just not having it.]


I used a mix of oracles and tarot that I felt best suited to answer the positional questions, of course if you decide to use this spread yourself, follow your gut on which deck/s to use.

The top row of cards are from the Celtic Tree Oracle and represent three spiritual gifts that you may or may not be aware of, but are the most accessible to you at this time. The row of tarot cards beneath, here from Raven’s Prophecy, are drawn from the Major Arcana and read together with the gift cards to show where you are with that gift right now. Continue reading “Spread for Spiritual Gifts”


Rumi Oracle – First Impressions

Yeah, yeah, for someone who isn’t a big fan of Alana Fairchild I do seem to be starting a collection (full disclosure: I’m increasingly tempted by her Sacred Rebels and Crystal Mandala oracles too), but dammit, she works with such fantastic artists!


The Rumi Oracle is compiled of artwork by the immense talent that is Freydoon Rassouli. I can’t even describe how beautiful his work is and it is wonderfully rendered onto these cards, which are even more vibrant in real life. His images are thought provoking, soul stirring feasts for the eyes, with spiraling movement and rich colours.

rumi layla

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Living the Oracles: My card of the week in retrospect

Last week I drew another card from the Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild to give me something to chew over and pulled the “Goddess of 10,000 Names: Isis – Endless Emanations of the Priestess”.

10000 names

For this card, the guidebook says in part:

Just like the Lady Isis, you are a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being. It is most helpful at this phase in your path that you learn not to attach to roles or identities that may have once held great importance for you or others relating to you.”

“… It can be tricky to avoid getting stuck in roles that others prescribe for you and expect of you, and yet your self-definition will become wider and your experience of yourself more real and fulfilling if you are open to discovering more of you, beyond the person you have considered yourself to be up until now. For this to happen, you must be willing to allow the many and varied faces of your being, your ten thousand names, to begin to emerge in your awareness…” Continue reading “Living the Oracles: My card of the week in retrospect”

July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 29-31)

Well, here we are, I finally did it! The final 3 cards in this 31 day *ahem* challenge.

faerie final fronts

Day 29 – Featuring a building: Aine – The two cards with the most prominent building structures are Kigfa and Etain, but as those cards have already been featured here I thought it would be better to showcase yet another one of this deck’s beautiful cards. In Aine’s card we see a scene reminiscent of the death of King Arthur, where a sacred lord is passing into the otherworld attended by a Fae woman in an Avalon-like scene by the trunk of an apple tree with Glastonbury tour high on a hill in the background.

Day 30 – New beginnings: Flidais – Associated with The Hermit in tarot, this card is all about unlocking secrets and mysteries. The beautiful woman, both winged and fawn like peeks into a small chest emanating a sparkling light. Her tentative approach in the slow opening of this chest gives me the feeling of some bright yet delicate new discovery, the sort of revelation that illuminates hidden knowledge and changes one’s outlook and perspectives forever. Continue reading “July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 29-31)”

July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 25-28)

Day 25 – Coldest card: Morrigan – Here we find the goddess Morrigan in a wooded area blanketed by snow. There is a full moon in the background, but the area is still somewhat lit, giving the feeling that the sun has just set and the temperature is begin to drop to a bitter cold. Daniels’ correlates this card to that of The Hanged Man, a card which reflects the still quiet that can often be felt accompanying snow and the implication of suspended growth and action.

faerie enchantment front 25-28

Day 26 – Hottest card: Medb – I selected this card by imagery alone without looking to the guidebook first, and funnily enough it corresponds to the Ace of Wands, the hot and fiery spark of creativity, passion and ingenuity. The goddess Medb, depicted here rising with what appears to be a glowing phoenix , was known as the bride in sacred marriage rites for kingship – therefor related to fertility – and a warrior Warrior Queen of “fire, lust and rapture”.

Day 27 – Most waterlogged card: Dylan – This was the card the deck chose to introduce itself at the beginning of the challenge. It depicts Dylan, the god of the dark, mysterious and ambivalent sea, here ferrying a sorrowful mermaid to the underworld.

Day 28 – Driest card: Bran – so many of the cards in this deck depict wooded scenes, suffused with the moistness of rich foliage and undergrowth. Here, Bran lies on a crisp white sheet, his horns are made of dried branches and dry leaves are sprinkled over the bed. In this card I get the sense of a climate in-between Summer and Autumn, where the worst of the heat has passed but the rains have yet to come.

faerieenchanment backs 25-28

July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 21-24)

Day 21 – Most bizarre card: Myrddin – This card has a distinctly different feel to the rest of the deck, and the figures of Myrddin and (presumably) Nimue have a weird 90’s runway ‘heroin chic’ look about them, with the deep set, dark circled eyes and hollowed out cheeks. The feel of the card is strange too, with the hint of desperation and loss in her eyes and calculation in his, the scene seems infused with a deep feeling of need and loss.

faerie enchant front

Day 22 – Smallest person/being: Etain – There are plenty of small creatures featured in the wooded scenes of these cards, but these little faerie girls just look so tiny and petite, barely bigger than the butterfly. The mythology of this card relates to the story of Etain, who was transformed into another small winged insect, a fly, by her husband’s jealous first wife before being later reborn into a human body. Continue reading “July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (Days 21-24)”

July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (days 17-20)

It seems like this month-long challenge will indeed take me two months to complete, everything has been hectic at home and I, admittedly, have the attention span of a fruit fly! The runes have been calling me rather persistently to get on with my tarot and rune correspondences series, so this beautiful deck was put on the back-burner for a while. But, here we are, just over half-way through and I’m hoping to keep up with it better as these cards deserve some major respect.

faerie enchantments

Day 17 – Lightest card: Blodeuwedd – there are a few lighter cards in the deck but this one particularly stands out with the bright warmth of a golden sky and a beautiful Fae woman with strawberry blonde hair. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that this card corresponds with the Ace of Swords – which suggests the lightness of being that comes from having a clear and unburdened mind, informed by the wise spirit of an Owl. Continue reading “July (August) Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (days 17-20)”

First Impressions & Deck Interview: The Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Jimmy Manton – the bones made me do it!

It’s taken me a long time to jump on the Alana Fairchild bandwagon and had you asked me a year ago if I would ever own one of her decks my answer would have probably been a pretty snarky ‘no’. I’ve always loved the artists she is teamed up with, particularly for the Kuan Yin and Sacred Rebel oracles, but whenever I read any samples of her guidebook my eyes would roll…hard.

isis box setYou see, I don’t believe in a Divine Plan, or that the universe loves me unconditionally. I find the universe pretty ambivalent and see chaos everywhere. This idea that “everything happens for a reason” takes me beyond eye rolling into ragey territory because it seems like the sheltered worldview of someone who has benefitted from a number of geographic, ethnic, racial and class privileges. With the people of this world being attacked with chemical weapons, bombed, starved, oppressed, abused and trafficked, it is hard for me to see some grand scheme and work, and if it is, it’s a shitty one I don’t particularly wish to “surrender” to.

So, why the hell am I now sitting here with a brand spanking new Alana Fairchild deck? Well the weirdest yet most honest answer is this: the bones made me do it. I’ve been working on incorporating the skull I found into my meditation and divination practices, both as a memento mori to help me deal with my phobia of death, and as a tangible link to nature and animal spirits. After meditating a few times with the skull I asked it which deck it would like to work with. The Wild Unknown tarot and Animal Spirit Oracle seem like the most obvious fit for the divination aspect, and they have worked well together so far, but I felt I needed something more, a bit deeper and focused specifically on personal spiritual development.

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Animal Spirit: Free Week Ahead Reading 12-18 August, 2017

It’s been a while since I posted a free reading, and while I unfortunately don’t have the time to start doing them again on a regular basis I’ve really missed them! I got the itch this week to dip my toe back into the Animal Spirit deck which has been sitting somewhat neglected, and thought a week ahead reading would be a great way to have a little explore with it.

I’ve decided to try something a bit different from my usual 3 card freestyle reading and instead focus on elemental energies.

animal spirit week ahead elements

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July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (days 13-16)

Things have been piling up this past month and I am so behind on this challenge! In the interim though I have stolen a few odd moments of peace and quiet to explore this deck more doing personal readings and I must say that my initial trepidation of not really knowing how to use this deck has vanished. The readings I have done so far have been insightful and, a bit to my surprise, very straightforward and to the point, I thought I might have to contend with the wily riddles much loved by the Fair Folk.

faerie enchantments 13-16

Day 13 – The name your deck wants: Elan – This kinda feels like cheating as the challenge is intended for tarot decks, which unlike this deck don’t already come with names! Elan of the Ways is an elusive and mysterious goddess with a broad spectrum of influence, including but not limited to kingship and sovereignty, the Sacred Marriage, pathways, and forests. One particularly distinguishing characteristic is that she is the only horned goddess known in the Celtic pantheon. Continue reading “July Deck Bond Challenge – Faerie Enchantments by Ian Daniels (days 13-16)”