Shut Up, Cards

I tend to think of cards as divination tools rather than predictors or fortune telling. This seems to be pretty commonly shared in the modern tarot community (although not universal), while Lenormand on the other hand seems to be used much more for predicting future events. I haven’t been using Lenormand long enough to come to any solid personal conclusions about this, but what I can say now is that it is a sharp mirror for reflecting back at you what is going on right now.


My potential move to the US is certainly dominating my thoughts right now, and my Lenormand deck keeps glaring it right back at me, even when I want to think about other things. We’ve had some issues with our application not appearing on the online system and we’ve heard no news or updates in over two months.

One of the first two-card draws I did for myself a couple of weeks ago was after a rather futile phone call with customer services for US immigration. I’d been on the line for 15 minutes, pressing 5 for x and 7 for y and 4 for z, I finally got through to an actual human who wished to transfer my call to a superior, the phone queue for this transfer was an hour. ‘To arrange a call back please enter your phone number’, the damn thing doesn’t accept a non-US number. Typical, an immigration service doesn’t recognise international phone numbers…. the line goes dead.

Anyway, after this exercise in futility (and a $20 phone bill) I slumped onto the sofa and reached for my Dreaming Way Lenormand perched on the arm.

rider letter

Damn right I’m waiting for news about documents.

The following day, I asked the deck what the situation is with our application at the moment. After the draw I decided to go off-book a little and practice reading it both as a situational statement and as advice.


Complex documents are dead in the water. Pretty sound as it turns out. A family member in the US arranged an appointment with the center and when asked for an estimate on the processing time, he simply said, ‘we are still working on applications from January of this year’. Great.

Persevere with the documents and don’t lash out, sound advice too, as I tend to start sending sarcastic emails when faced with infuriating bureaucracy.

After receiving the news about potentially how long our application might take, I slumped down into the sofa once again and reached for my cards. This time however I wanted to practice a bit with Ship and sought it, and its preceding and following card, for a little escapism. Lesson learned. Never look to Lenormand to escape from the real-world because it will slap you in the face with it.


Gah! I just want to play with my cards and not think about this anymore! One last try, clearing mind, shuffling, pull three cards:


A major obstacle is dominating your life and depleting your energy reserves. OK, fine. How about you tarot, you want to give me anything else to think about for a while?

hanged man


Hanged Man. Surrender, suspended, waiting… Not you too Steampunk!

Right. Fine. I guess it’s time to put the cards away for a while.



Walking the Path of the Major Arcana – The Moon

This post is a continuation of a month-long challenge hosted on Tarot Rebels. As I can’t commit to daily draws at the moment, I am following along at my own snail’s pace here. The concept of the challenge is to see the ways in which the energies of the Major Arcana are affecting and manifesting in my life at the moment. *

The Moon: How do I honour mystery in my life?

rebels moon

The Page of Cups is the dreamer of the deck, seeking love and fascination in all its forms; with people, emotions, ideas, philosophies and spirituality. Like all Pages, these young initiates are inexperienced yet deeply passionate about learning all there is to know about the realms of their suit.

Similarly, I honour mystery by being open-minded and curious, the perpetual student. I follow my intuition and my heart and enjoy picking apart a puzzle. The youth of the Page is also reflected in my willingness to play with mysteries, following few to no rules and walking down any path that intrigues me. And I am always, always open to experiences of awe and wonder.


Free Weekly Reading: A Message for 22-29 May, 2017

Summary: This week  the cards are asking you to pay particular attention to your intuition and prepare to release something that is no longer serving your highest good. If your situation or emotional environment is lacking inspiration, or you feel that your values or potential for growth and fulfillment are being stifled, it is time to seriously consider moving out and moving on. You may be feeling bound by responsibilities or the expectations of others to remain where you are, but know that if you dedicate yourself to changing your circumstances with grace and goodwill, you can minimize any disruption and put your best foot forward on your new path. Celebrate all that you have achieved, honour that which fulfilled you for a time, then say goodbye.

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