Why Six Swords? My Spiritual Transition …a Work in Progress

This blog has been up and running for just over a month now, so I thought it was high time for a little explanation as to my choice of Six Swords as my divination moniker and to share a bit (actually quite a bit) about my spiritual path, as the two are very much interconnected.


This card is the calm after the storm of the fives, the clearing away of tension, static and confusion. It is a time of sadness, but also release, relief and healing. It isn’t the moment of change or transition itself, it is the moment just after we decide to instigate change. It is the realisation that in order to search for truth, we need to let go of what we think we already know, and be brave enough to sail to unknown shores.

6swords thoth

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Free Weekly Reading: A Message for May 1-7, 2017


weekly reading copy1

Summary: If you have been feeling the pain of heartbreak, isolation or loneliness, this week’s message is for you: it is time to start that delicate journey of moving on. You have felt and acknowledged the pain, now you must begin processing it. What have you learnt about yourself? What greater wisdom can be gleaned from the situation? How can you best heal and move forward? Start doing the work to escape this dark place you have found yourself in.

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‘3 Voices’ Personal Reading – Motherhood and Burnout


It took me a couple of days to decide whether or not I wanted to share this post, it is long and very personal and could open me up to some unpleasant judgments. I realized though that as someone who wants to become a professional reader, and who hopes that people will trust me to be non-judgmental and empathetic, I need to open myself up, to trust in the kindness of others and create that safe space myself. So I’m carving out that little nook right here and right now on this blog.

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