Exploring Tarot and Runes: 3 – Thurisaz

*Trigger Warning* – This post contains a brief (and non-explicit) mention of sexual violence in the eighth paragraph.

Thurisaz [pronounced thur-ee-saws], meaning giant, is one of the most powerful and masculine coded runes. A frequent mistranslation of its meaning is ‘thorn’, following the lead of the Anglo-Saxon rune poem which links it to one of the most ambivalently powerful Celtic trees, the Blackthorn (of course, if this interpretation works for you, go with it!). Original Scandinavian sources however associate this rune to the Thurses, primordial giants of Norse mythology. The rune is also associated with the god Thor, known as a giant slayer who protects Asgard (the realm of the Æsir gods) and Midgard (the realm of humans) from their destructive force.


On an esoteric level the Thurses can be understood as raw unbridled power, natural active forces and potent libidinal energy; they are neither good nor evil, they are in fact a necessary energy, but they are primal and alien to human comprehension. Like the Ace of Wands, they have within them all of the explosive strength to create and obliterate; their power is non-logical, unthinking, distinctively phallic and representative of active and aggressive sexuality. Continue reading “Exploring Tarot and Runes: 3 – Thurisaz”